Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Annual Christmas Gathering of Angels

At my daughter's prodding, the angels strike a pose.

Among the numerous parties that kept me quite preoccupied this Christmas, the one I most cherish was the annual Christmas Party that our very own Yayay organized for the other helpers in our cul-de-sac neighborhood. This Christmas marked the second year of this highly anticipated event. For weeks, it seemed like it was all they could talk about during their mid-afternoon assemblies at the clubhouse where they would take their little charges for an hour of energetic playtime.

Runway worthy poses!

Being Yayay's employer, I was unofficially tapped as the "sponsor". It was a role I relished. After all, it was not everyday that I was gifted with the privilege and the opportunity to actually serve our two heavensent angels, Yayay and Ate M. And, yes, angels they truly are. How else would you call people with such generous hearts who look after your children and household like these were their own so you could go to work and even play with tremendous peace of mind?

Crazy fun during a relay game.

In the days that led to the party of the year, I shopped for gifts and prizes and also requested for support from officemates. My daughter took care of preparing the games and even came up with a program flow (a daughter after my own heart, indeed.)! During the actual party, mother and daughter took turns hosting and taking photos while a little boy provided entertainment with his charms and antics.

A party ain't complete without Pinoy Henyo!
It filled the heart to see Yayay, Ate M and the other angels having the time of their lives playing games, eating, singing and opening their gifts. And as we bade them goodbye so they could party among themselves, all of them extended their thanks. A gesture much appreciated but rendered absolutely unnecessary by the joy in our hearts. Joy that sprang from the honor of being able to serve these wingless angels, even in a simple way.